About Us

About Glenrise

Glenrise started Operations in May 2016 with the sole purpose to raise funds for NPS (Ngezi Platinum Stars)

Staff compliment was a Contracts Manager and 10 general hands. The 1st job was at the Mining Services Department. Through growth & support from community, within two months, Glenrise had secured jobs (mainly housekeeping) at Mupfuti, Ngwarati and Rukodzi mines.

Labour grew gradually to 237 by end of November 2016 where operations had spread to Bimha and Processing.

By 2017, Glenrise negotiated for Service contracts with Zimplats Mining Division which covered Underground Roadways Maintenance and Underground Construction. These alone employed 227 besides other employees in adhoc jobs and those at Processing.

Senior staff were employed as follows: Accountant - June 2016, SHEQ Officer - September 2016, Hr Officer - 2017 and Operations Manager in 2017.

We have a large human resource base ranging from Civil engineers, surveyors, artisans (Boilermakers, electricians, plumbers, bricklayers, painters, carpenters etc ), miners, team leaders, machine operators and general hands among other who are highly knowledgeable, skilled and safety trained to ensure the safe execution of duties.

Our management is formed by a team of highly experienced executives who bring extensive knowledge of project management, procurement, supply chain management and recruitment in mining, construction, manufacturing and service industries. We are an organisation that is ready to grow and we embrace growth in all our departments.



Innovation, Service Excellence & Care

To be the brand of choice in : Mining & Mining Support, Civil Works,  General Works, Procurement & Resourcing, Construction.








Work in a safe manner. We come to work in one piece and go back in one piece. We care for our environment.

We trust and believe in our people. We treat them with respect and always strive to understand and be responsible to their needs

We hold ourselves and each other accountable, work well in teams, collaborates and win together

We ensure honesty and fairness in all our actions. We will establish a Code of Ethics and abide by it. We will comply with all applicable laws.

We have an unyielding drive to win and relentlessly seek opportunities to grow. But always remain humble.

The customer is boss. We uphold high standards of quality and deliver on time in full to customer specification and expectation.